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The Colorado Internet Cooperative, a.k.a. "the Coop", was a member-owned Internet Service Provider for Colorado businesses. For over 10 years, the Coop provided reliable, affordable, dedicated Internet services at cost and without resale restrictions.

From 1994 to 2004, the Coop grew tremendously. At the time, the Coop provided Internet services to more than 40% of the ISPs in the Denver and Boulder metro area and most of the ISPs in the State. The Coop has more than 100 members from national corporations to independent consultants.

The Coop was a Tier 1 bandwidth aggregator with more connectivity to national "backbones" than any other Colorado-based ISP. As the best connected ISP in Colorado, the Coop was the clear choice for companies who need the reliability of a national provider but still want the first-rate customer service that has made Colorado business famous.

As of spring 2004 the Coop no longer provides Internet Services. The Coop was founded to provide bandwidth aggregation because large bandwidth was extremely expense for individual companies. Since most companies need bandwidth at different times they could share one large pipe with little impact on other members. So aggregating them made good sense and cost savings. Today large bandwidth pipes are less expensive and are in reach of all companies from many different vendors. While aggregating bandwidth still makes sense there is no cost savings. The Coop still provides IP Address space for current members. We are not accepting new membership.

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